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we’re humans, a Digital Agency that provides marketing strategies and incorporates viral and social media marketing plans. We’re human, constantly thinking outside the box to give your business the competitive edge in todays digital world. With a host of services ranging from technical on page optimization, to off page optimization for search engines, and complete content creation & marketing strategies human will work directly with your business to create a bespoke marketing plan specific to your needs and goals.

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Content Creation

Content is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of a website. So many companies pay to have a beautiful responsive website built and they put the framework up and then leave it as an outline. Content needs to be added to any website in order to keep users on the website. Properly optimized content will let search engines know what your website is about and this will help search engines to direct organic traffic toward your site. If there is no content, or the content is poorly optimized search engines are likely to skip your site, or give it a poor ranking.


Types of Content

There are many types of content that can enhance a website. Some of the content will go onto the website, and some of it will be used as advertising through social media platforms or traditional marketing channels to drive traffic to the website. We’re Human can create the full spectrum of content including copywriting for static web pages, copywriting for blog articles, image selection and upload, newsletters, infographics, and graphic design services for print materials and billboards and logo creation and design that will support your digital marketing efforts.


Static Pages

The static pages on your website let search engines and users know information about your company. Commonly there will be a minimum of five static pages on a website, comprised of the Home Page, About Us Page, Products or Services Page, Location Page, and a Contact Us Page. Depending on the type of business there may be many more than the basic five pages but this should be the basic framework for any site.


Blog Articles

Often times in addition to the five standard pages for a website there will be another tab titled News/Articles or News/Events or Blog etc. Maintaining a blog on your website is an excellent way to regularly update content and build a rich resource library for your prospective clients to use to answer questions about your business, your industry, and the area in which you operate.


News Letters

Sending out a company newsletter is a great way to market the blog you are maintaining for your website. A monthly newsletter would ideally contain four of the most recent articles posted to your website. Additions to the newsletter can include special promotions you may be offering. Think of the articles as what keeps people interested and the promotion is like your ad on your own newsletter.

Newsletters can be used for lead generation, for keeping current clients up to date, or can be used for charity outreach, and any number of other things. Sending out a newsletter to clients and prospective clients is an excellent way to supplement organic traffic to your website and is very effective if executed properly.


News Letter Templates

The template that the newsletter goes on can be as diverse as any print publication you have ever come across. Depending on the end goal of the newsletter campaign will determine what kind of template should be used. Some clients use the same template for every newsletter while others wish to change it up monthly, or based upon the type of newsletter they are sending. We’re Human will work with you to determine what newsletter will benefit your business the most.



Infographics are a fantastic way to market your content through social media channels. An infographic is an image with some text that summarizes the main point or points of a piece of content you would like people to read. Even if your business is in the most boring industry imaginable, a clever infographic can drive a lot of traffic to your site.


Graphic Design

The use of graphic design in marketing has been a constant since the industry was invented. Now graphics can be used in brochures, billboards, and across all digital channels. Using one graphic designer for logo creation, as well as all other materials will ensure brand continuity across all channels. Print materials are yet another tool that can be used to drive traffic to your website directly. Another advantage to using print materials is that you will be increasing your brand recognition, and this could potentially affect organic searches as well. The more people that know about your brand, from all channels possible, the more people will eventually visit your website.



Digital Marketing is a multipronged approach to getting your message to the masses. It is important to have a strategic plan and to measure results so that the targets can be continually analyzed and improvements made. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed at the amount of information packed into this short article, please do not fret. All you need to do is find an expert digital marketing firm willing to work with you to design a package right for your business.

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