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Data Loss is frightening in the best-case scenario. According to David M. Smith (The Cost of Lost Data) 6% of all data storage devices will fail in any given year. This puts your business at risk for data loss. 60% of companies that lose their data close within 6 months, and 93% of companies that lose their data for 10 days close within a year of the disaster. This makes protecting and backing up your data paramount if you would like your business to remain open. We’re human’s offers a variety of backup solutions based on your budget and goals. We work with both small and medium size businesses to ensure your data is protected.

Backup Solution Components

Backup Service normally consists of a cloud system we use to manage data storage network. There are both real and virtual servers to fulfill each other and some storage sections that separated from processing unit.

Cloud Management System: Application system to display the work result and manage all resources in the network such as Storage, Memory, Bandwidth, etc.

Virtual Servers: Virtual server is designed to use shared resources by having some amount of computer servers (Physical Server) clustered together and controlled by provider’s application.

Physical Servers: Many computer servers clustered together through local area network. This way of use will help to reduce cost of buying and maintenance a lot of computers.

Storage Area Network: Data storage device that separate Memory (Disk) from Computer Server to increase processing speed and be able to manage your own storage space that shared together with virtual computer.

Backup: Storage will emulate and create space for backup via application of the company that offer Backup Server. The backup data can be restored for the single one or even all files up to software license you have.

Types of Backup

There are many different kinds of File Backup Software both onsite and offsite backup solution which is also called “Remote Backup” or “Online Storage Backup.”


Full Backup clones all the files so it takes longer time and needs more space to keep all data. Good thing is that it’s the fastest way to restore the data to be ready to use again.


Incremental Backup makes full backup first in one time. Then every changes since last backup will be saved to storage. Recovery time is a bit longer than Full Back Up, but it needs less space to store data.


Differential Backup saves all changes made since last full backup. It takes shorter time than Incremental Backup to restore data, but use more space in storage.


Mirror Backup works on two sides: your device and online storage. Whether change you make on each side, it will also do the same to the other side.

Full PC

Mirror Backup works on two sides: your device and online storage. Whether change you make on each side, it will also do the same to the other side.


It’s quicker to backup and restore data from the storage medium that is kept in your building. We can protect data from drive failures or viruses by duplicating all files to external hard drives, CD/DVD, etc.


Offsite Backup storage is kept in different location away from your computer or server. This will help to secure your data from flood, fire, theft, earthquake, etc.


We can let the program or application automatically update data in the storage space to be the same as the source through the internet. Your files will be kept in the shared cloud or storage section somewhere else.


Remote backup doesn’t need you to be at the source location. There are some programs that we use to control the computer remotely to backup data to the cloud storage though the internet.


Cloud backup use cloud storage to keep data which you need internet access. It is secured by login methods that let you access data from anywhere.


This is a form of offsite backup since you can access data from different location by using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to back up files over the internet.

Backup Service Features

Make backup task fast and easy is our specialty. Whatever you write, change, or edit on your files, we back up and let you restore anytime from anywhere.

Continuous Recovery

Easy to backup and quicker to recovery. If anything happens, you can make sure that your customer doesn’t need to wait long time.

Bare Metal Recovery

We keep it most simple and secured for you to recover data. Everything can be done once in a single, easy process to get your system back.

Virtual Disaster Recovery

Once the disaster happens, you can immediately switch to use the virtual server. Your operation can continue with no delayed.

On and Offsite Recovery

Local backup is faster to save data and restore; on the other hand, cloud-based backup can be done remotely and can restore from anywhere that has internet. We do both!

Vmware Backup

Offsite backup and recovery doesn’t need to be slow. VMware backups will help you to protect data with less time to update data. It’s always faster and high secured.

Data Archiving

No need to use it now, then archive it! You can keep data as long as you want and everything is all protected.

File Versioning

How many file versions you want to keep? We help you to recover your files at any point of versions whenever you need to.

Security-Focused Storage

You can choose security level from 128-bit to military grade 448-bit encryption. With ISO certified data centers, we guarantee 99.999%.

Software Only

What you need is a software to create your own storage solution. Continuous Recovery, Compression and Deep-Deduplication, and other useful features are offered all in one.

Backup Service Benefits

Online backup is designed for your business to be much easier to use. We keep backup program simple to avoid misunderstanding and reduce backup time.

Automatic & Scheduled Backup

You can schedule computer backup software or let the application automatically backup the files in your computer, server or system and spend your precious time to focus on your business.

Low Cost Voting 74%

Single File Restore

You can get back to work quicker when a file is lost. Just take a few clicks, you will have everything back.

Agility & Instant Elasticity Voting 91%

Multiple OS Support

Our software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista 7, and MAC OSX as well as professional Window Server 2000/2003/2008, MAC OSX and Linux.

Open & Flexible Voting 88%

Zero Impact on Performance

Files can be backup even when you are using them. There is no distractions or time consumption. You can even schedule to backup during the weekend or after work time.

Most Secure Voting 98%

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