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IP Camera stands for Internet Protocol Camera or what we call “Network Camera.” IP Security Camera is a kind of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) that can send and receive data via Computer Network System and Internet. IP Camera is the Security Camera that is normally used to monitor inside or outside of the building or even along the road. The user can watch videos from wireless IP cameras from anywhere that has internet. We only need to install an application on a mobile phone or watch it on a web browser.

  • Indoor IP network camera – YES
  • Outdoor IP camera – YES
  • Video surveillance or any kind of security camera system – YES


We are THE BEST IP CAMERA SERVICE in Pattaya, Thailand

We’re Humans has a support team that has much experience in the field. We survey the location, choose cc camera, and install surveillance system for your specific needs. Your satisfaction is our goal and to ensure this we provide service long after the sale is done. Just choose a good CCTV system with us to protect your property and keep your family safe.

IP Camera Split on 2 Types

Currently there are 2 kinds of IP Cameras. Most features they share but work differently. Some IP Cameras can work freely and some need to work together with supporting devices.

Centralized IP Camera

Centralized IP Camera connects to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) to send a video record to store in the storage parts and work with the Alarm System.

Decentralized IP Camera

Decentralized IP Camera can work independently. It means that this kind of internet camera doesn’t need a NVR Recorder. IP wireless camera will record video directly and save it in digital information storage such as SD Card.

IP Camera Recording

Wifi security camera can store the recorded data in different places depending on what kind of IP Camera you are using.

Local Storage

IP Camera records video and save in the local storage such as SD Card or Flash Memory that each IP Camera support. There are 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB storage size available right now.


Some IP Wireless Camera records image frames through XNVR, NVR or CMS Software in the computer. Then the NVR or software will save the images to the hard disk.


This will record video by connecting to Hybrid Digital Video Recorder, the recorder that supports both IP Cameras and Analog Cameras. After that the video will be saved to an internal hard disk.

IP Camera Features

Wireless CCTV is not just a new trend… They have been used and developed for 2 decades, and now they become very useful. These are some outstanding advantages that this kind of CCTV is featuring:

Box & Dome Camera

We’re Humans offers both Box IP Cameras and Dome IP Cameras. Both are CCTV that store recorded video in SD Card or Flash Memory.


We can make it easier for you by offering CCTV Controller as an option to pan, tilt or zoom the video. You can control and focus the lens freely.

Night Vision

Outdoor Security Cameras will switch from color mode to Black and White mode at night and continue recording even when there is a little bit of light: Night Vision Security Camera some infrared security cameras can even record video in the darkness with infrared technology.

Full HD Recorder

HD DVR is the DVR recorder, one of the best DVRs which use Full HD Technology that will allow you to record video 30 Frames Per Second for 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) so that you will have the ultimate clear and delicate vision. This is what you need for facial recognition or license plate capture, anytime the details are critical for ultimate safety.

Web & Mobile Access

CCTV monitor and IP camera monitor are so easy. You can watch what’s happing at home or your office 24 hours, from anywhere, through your mobile phone or web browser.

Professional Wiring

Ethernet wiring has to be installed correctly in the appropriate place and position. We must make it look clean and blend with the surroundings. This needs a professional which our team can supply.

IP Camera Benefits

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Free On-Site Support 1 Years

We’re Humans provides on-site service with zero expenses as a guarantee. Just let us know by the phone, email or walk in, we will send technical team to fix IP Cameras for you. Nearly 10-years’ experience with CCTV and related system, we advise, take care and make sure you are satisfied with the service.

Low Cost Voting 74%
Low Cost Voting 74%
Low Cost Voting 74%

Free Structure Design

We’re Human will structure the design of the plan around your specific requirements. We will do our best to draw as little attention as possible to the security system, unless your goal is to have it visible and act as a deterrent itself then we will ensure everyone sees it and knows it is there. We’ll work to execute the design that works for your needs.

Open & Flexible Voting 88%

Ticket System 24 Hours

Free ticket system support 24/7. Just send an email to our Service Desk, we will contact you ASAP. We will update you on the process and discuss with you before fixing the problem.

Most Secure Voting 98%

IP Camera by Clients

Our clients in Pattaya, Thailand are having great experiences with We’re Humans IT support team. Thank you all for the trust and support in our services here. We keep improving our knowledge and skills as our company continues to grow.

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