What is VoIP? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol or usually called IP Telephony, Internet Telephony, or Digital Phone. VoIP phone is new technology of voice communication on the internet or another network that use internet protocol. New technology for phone system that send voice signal by using internet network or IP network technology.

VoIP Service has smaller cost for installation and maintenance because we don’t need to use telephone lines. We can make phone call internal, national or international in the cheaper VoIP rate than normal phone system since the VoIP providers doesn’t need to send signal through telephone exchange. We can save large cost from that.

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What you will get is not only that you can screen the phone calls which normal landline phones does not support. You can reduce work-load for your staffs that they do not need to answer the phone all the time. Company name will show up on the phone when your customer calls you and vice versa, and they can send fax and voicemails to your email to organize easier and quicker. Easily set tuneful music for your customer to listen while they are waiting will ensure your good image.

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How do VoIP Systems Work

VoIP Phone Service adopt the way we send data signal on the internet. Normally we send only data through the internet but VoIP combines data and voice signals together and send them to the network system via Internet Protocal or IP.

Voice signal will be transferred from analog to digital signal or PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) and compressed by VoIP Gateway or PBX (Private Box Exchange).

The signal is separated in this point to remove Echo signals by DSP (Digital Signal Processors). The rest of the signal will be arranged in the frame of sound signal.

The sound frame, as we call in this stage “Packet,” will be modified by adding Headers, including Sequence Number and Time Stamp. Then the Packet will be added IP Address of the destination. Now the Packet is ready for delivery!

When the Packet is arrived at destination, the header will be decoded to become Voice Frame, and PCM will changed it back to Analog signal.

VoIP Components

VoIP Systems consist of some specific software and hardware devices that can be used to create the best VOIP system for our daily or business use.

Software Client

Your computers need to install special IP communication program, or you may need some devices such as IP Telephony for sending sound signal to the internet.

Voice Interface Card

Some devices will need this card to transfer sound signal to data signal. Then you can use the device to call somebody’s PC, Phone or another device in same IP Phone system.

IP Phone

IP Telephones are already designed to work with PBX phone system, so we don’t need to install more program. We also have VoIP Mobile to use instead of general mobile phones and it works the same with less expenses.

Telephony Application

Online applications that can be used to send all kinds of data, including sound, files, photo, video, text, and real time communication forms by IP Telephony and Video Camera.

Unified Messaging

Gather all information in the same place with related photo, video and files. This will help you to organized conversations easier and quicker.

Call Center

Flexible contact center can be easily managed from anywhere even your own home. Your staffs can answer the phone and talk to your customer from wherever that has internet.

Interactive Voice Response

Something important we cannot wait. Talk in real-time with your colleagues or valued customers. You can switch to video mode to discuss urgent issues together.

Voice Gateway

This is the device that transfers sound signal to sound data signal on IP data network. There are two kinds of VoIP gateways as follows:

Enabled PBX

Private Box Exchange or PBX is IP-enabled PBX that support IP system on the internet. It is used to change the normal sound signal to digital signal to be able to send through the network.

Telephony Router & Access Device

This kind of router have function for Telephony. Normally it will have full telephone systems integrated within the device. We can use it with digital or analogue telephones.


The server that connects to internet system, using as main database for IP number, phone number, and guiding directions for each communication.

Network Infrastructures

Group of software and hardware devices that work together to connect all devices in the building as well as connecting to the internet network outside.

VoIP Service Features

We’re Humans offer full VoIP services from installation to daily basis maintenance so you can make sure that our specialists will always standby to help.

Caller ID with Name Support

When there is a phone call, you can see the caller’s company name as well as setting your own caller ID to show your company name at your customer’s place.

Anonymous Call Rejection

No more disturb from unsecured phone calls or unreliable sales persons that want to sell products or services. Keep this away by using phone call blocker to save your precious time and reduce distractions from work.

Operator Services

No need to use many operators to pick up the phone calls. You can create prompt message to guide your customers to press the numbers that will transfer the phone line to each department.

Music On Hold

Not only mobile phones that can have music on hold, your office’s telephones can also do it right now. Your customers will not get bored or upset when they have to wait.

Fax to Email

We can set up Fax To Email System for you to send what you have got in your fax machine directly to your email. You will use less paper and it’s easier to organize emails than the paper for future reference.


Your customer can record voice message and it will be sent to your email. You can check and listen to your voicemail any time you would like, and some system can even change the voice to text messages and send it to your email.

VoIP Service Benefits

Let us accommodate your business to VoIP Phone system, upgrading to higher level of service far beyond your competitors and getting the best satisfaction with a little cost.

Free On-Site Support 1 Years

Our customers give their trusts and rely on our service. We realized that and never let them disappointed. Our technicians are specialized in VoIP technology with long experience taking care of IP PBX, SIP Server, VoIP fax and mobile, VoIP router and other VoIP devices.

We have installed and maintained VoIP telephone system for many companies in Pattaya, Thailand. We guarantee and also provide technical support for free at least 1 year.

Useful advice and the best after sale service are our promise from We’re Humans.

Low Cost Voting 74%
Low Cost Voting 74%
Low Cost Voting 74%

Reduce Operating Costs

VoIP Service helps your company to reduce cost of telephone calls and phone related services such as faxes. You don’t need to pay for phone cable installation and save a lot of expenses from old system maintenance.

Open & Flexible Voting 88%

Improved Level of Services

The company will get more organized and flexible since every device is connected to the network and integrated to work well together. The working system runs smoothly so that you can provide higher quality service.

Most Secure Voting 98%

VoIP Service by Clients

Below are examples of our recent customers and some companies have been with us since they were new companies. We installed and maintained VoIP service by our professionals.

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