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Definition by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), “Service Desk is a primary IT function within the discipline of IT service management (ITSM).” The service that provides the focal point of information between service provider and customers.

There are 3 types of Service Desk which are Call center, Contact center and Help desk. They are limited types which focus on different parts of Service Desk. Service Desk mainly offers a single point of contact for all IT requirements. It integrates all technologies and tools to organize issues or requests from the users, employees, and customers. Service Desk also provides an interface for other activities such as customer change request, maintenance contracts and software licensing. >> Service Desk (ITSM)


Do you need somebody to handle these issues?


  • No more worry about things will get messed up.
  • Priority is the most important thing we concern and we always give feedback to customers.
  • We respond as soon as possible and always keep you updated. You will work more flexible and get things done easily.
  • This will add advantage to your business and highlight it upon any others.


Human IT provides all clients with a central point of contact for any issue.

From the first point of contact to reporting an issue with a website you have an ongoing maintenance contract for the service desk is the face of We’re Humans.

Here is what we do for intensive care:

  • Check your website regularly to see if there is any bug.
  • Receive problems from you via email, phone, or walk in.
  • If you report the problem via email, we will check it from Ticket System.
  • If you give us a call or walk in to Siam Country Club office, we will create a ticket for you for each problem.
  • We will send you an email to update that we have received your issue and we are in the process of fixing it.
  • We firstly set priorities for each ticket.
  • We discuss with Developer Team about problem of each task.
  • Service Desk will fix small issues or send the task to the one who is responsible for it.
  • When the task is done, they will reply email to inform Service Desk.
  • Then Service Desk will send email to inform you that all the problems have been resolved.
  • You will check your websites and reply back to us. If you don’t send us any feedback after 1 day, we will send email to inform you that the ticket will be automatically closed within 2 days if there is no further problem.


The greatest hub that help to organize

Service Desk organizes issues for you and manage them to get things done on time. We have our means to work with priorities to monitor and manage each layer of service from beginning to end. >> Service Desk or Help Desk?

Those layers are as follows:

Network Operations: to monitor all network devices and connections remotely. Service desk manages and monitors incident reports, traffic, performs network reviews, implements backups and manages change on the network.

System Operations: to perform core system management tasks such as performance monitoring, installation of patches, change management, account management, and support for specific platforms, Linux, Unix, etc.

Database Operations: to maintain and optimize database tasks. Performance monitoring, fault monitoring, log reviews, access management, and change control for database software such as Oracle, DB2, etc.

Security Management: to protect your company from external/internal threats. Service Desk will perform vulnerability scans, monitor IPS logs and map this data to the information security related regulatory mandates.


Communication is the key

As a focal point of contact between your company’s customers, employees, and business partners, we manage all system with full responsibility.

We provide incident control of all website, application and all service we operate.

Life cycle management of all service requests are well organized and monitored with care.

Communicating with our customer is the basic thing but big goal to set in mind, in order to reach the real need of people.

We see how much it is important and basically follow customer’s preference.


Contact Service Desk at Were’re Humans

Submit a SUPPORT ticket to the service desk by simply emailing us at

If you are already a customer, it will ID you by your email. If you are a new customer, it will let us know that as well.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a new or existing website, or any other IT issue that you would like help solving, contact our service desk now.

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