Website Maintenance Services


Maintenance – Every website has moving parts and the internet is constantly evolving. Just like anything with moving parts websites require maintenance to stay running smoothly. Websites require updates, upgrades, design changes, content changes, and maintaining a healthy back link profile. If the site is left on the interwebs to be hosted and not maintained it is static and if not properly maintained runs the risk of breaking. If it does break often times the cost to fix it is far more than it would have cost to have kept the website maintained properly in both labor to fix, and down time for the business. The most effective websites are updated regularly and are maintained in accordance with the latest search engine optimization standards.


*Note – some things in the maintenance category sometimes overlap in the SEO or digital marketing category.  Budgets for either service are interchangeable based on the client’s current needs. This will be determined on a client by client basis.


Standard Maintenance

If simple maintenance requests are performed with the standard package up to 3 hours per month may be used, if the maintenance issue gets escalated to the development or design departments then 2 hours may be used. Standard maintenance can include the addition of text boxes, or the moving or simple design elements.


**The Service Desk employee and/or the junior developers and designers should be able to perform all standard maintenance requests. If they are unable to perform the task due to complexity it has to be elevated to the appropriate level of which the client must pay the difference that month. Budgets may be allocated from other services in place of a cash invoice if the client has budget to allocate. Typically, maintenance and SEO & Digital Marketing services are interchangeable and will be billed at the appropriate rates so the client always gets services at or above the level they are paying for:


  • Mon – Fri 9:00 – 17:00…………..2500 THB
  • Mon – Sun 9:00 – 17:00 ………..4750 THB
  • 24/7 365 …………………………….6250 THB


Note the difference in price does not get more maintenance hours, it allows for those hours to be used outside of normal business hours. This is needed for businesses that want to be able to content updates on the weekends or in the evenings or those that require monitoring of their site during extended hours.