Are you a small business with a small network of computer and other electronics? Do you handle all the Windows updates and other software updates yourself? Have you ever wished you had an IT person on staff but cannot justify the expense? Especially since you know they won’t be busy all the time? In order to be competitive you need to be connected, and up to date digitally. IT is the lifeline to most businesses today. We’re Humans offers outsourced IT services for small and medium sized businesses that will give you the expert you need when you need it, at a reasonable monthly cost.


How much does it cost to get a professional IT geek watching over my office?

The Remote Desktop Support Service available through We’re Humans is only 700 baht per machine per month. This includes virus protection, security updates and patches, and windows updates. Each machine will be monitored by our remote access software and most issues will be resolved before you even know it. If in the event you have an issue you need assistance with we have technicians standing by during regular business hours to assist. They will always start remotely as 90% of all issues can be resolved this way, however, for those few times you actually need someone in your office helping you a technician will be dispatched.


Are there any hidden costs?

No, there are not hidden costs. A complete audit will be conducted of your site and every piece of machinery will be inventoried. Every monitor, computer tower, notebook, tablet, printer, router, or VOIP phone will be accounted for and a quote will be given to cover all devices. If you need the initial network set up, we can assist with that as well. We can install CCTV cameras, computer networks, printers etc.