SEO Pattaya

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Are you trying to do SEO for your company in Pattaya?  (SEO Pattaya)

If you haven’t found any idea where to start, let’s imagine somebody trying to search for a product in Pattaya.

Hey, he searches for “Pattaya Condo” or “Condo Pattaya” instead of only the word “Condo”

which will give him too many unnecessary results!

It’s no surprise that focusing on local keywords are key when you work on Pattaya SEO.


Start with where you are

Most important thing to add to the main keyword is location which is small area levels, such as city, province, or district.

For instance, if your company is located in Pattaya or only offering services in the Pattaya Area, you should add “Pattaya” to the keyword – this is your local keyword.

Be more specific by narrowing down the location to North Pattaya, Soi Siam Country Club, plus some descriptive adjectives such as “cheap” and “new” will also help.

There are many online tools to help you create long tail keywords such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner, SEOBook Keyword Tool, and Google Trends. This video can explain about SEO research in the very simple way.


SEO Pattaya: Why should It be specific?

When Global keywords like “Condo” or “Gym” have many more people to search for them on the internet, why should we add local keywords to focus on people only in your area.

The reason is that although you can bring a lot of people to your website, but they are not relevant, they are not going to buy your product (because they live far away, etc.), so you won’t get any income.

If they are not your target group to buy the products or services. Although they like your website and become a fan, when they are not in your area, it’s just useless to make the effort.

Too broad is not good. If you choose global keyword such as “Spa” but you offer service only in Pattaya, it will not be effective enough. You also have to spend money and time to compete with unnecessary competitors which actually you don’t need to.


Local Keywords are more targeted

When we work on SEO Pattaya, local keywords are more effective than Global keywords. Although it sounds incredible when the search number is in the opposite way, we should focus on specific Target group.

When we work on smaller scope, we will have less competitors. We will be able to go to the correct target group,

and also can make sure that they will be your customer – not to work hard for nothing.

The rule is changing all the time depending on search trend. We should target regular when your business is global, and target local when your business is local. When you offer the best service or product in town, but only your competitor uses local keywords and you are not, you are not going to compete with them. Check out more what We’re Humans do for Pattaya SEO >> Contact Us.