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Not only does we’re humans provide excellent IT service across all disciplines, we strive to provide the best work possible! We take care of you just like you are one of our family… We’re Humans excels on this point, so we have earned not just satisfied customers, but many have become raving fans. Many customers have been with us for long time… IT Services provided by We’re Humans are already well known in Pattaya, Thailand and as far away as Bangkok and Rayong. Our IT specialists have years of experience, combined with special talents and skills we’re humans can offer all around IT solutions which you can trust!

We’re human aims to provide the best IT services such as SEO Pattaya, SEO, SMM, Google Adwords, Bing ads, Facebook ads, e-commerce, web application, server management, we’re humans hosting, Amazon web services, website maintenance, networking, backup solutions, VOIP, as well as, logo design, brochures design, and service desk. We do computer tech support, provide service support, and handle IT maintenance for many leading companies both in Pattaya and worldwide. IT consulting firm, computer service, and network support are what we are very keen on. We are good at time management and customer relations with a lot of care to provide high quality service and after sale service.

We do IT. We’re the solution! Currently serving clients in Thailand, Australia, UK, and USA.

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Below are the charts showing We’re Humans capacity and clients we currently have. Our main IT Services are Web Development and IT support.


We’re Humans is growing steadily adding new staff members regularly. The transition from small business to medium size business over the past two years has been methodical and well planned with an eye on future growth goals.

  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Development
  • IT Support
  • Service Desk


Increasing our number of satisfied clients is what is allowing we’re humans to grow. As more clients come on board and stay on board, and refer their business associates it is clear that we’re humans is doing something right for their clients.

  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Development
  • IT Support
  • Service Desk

How Does It Work?

At We’re Humans, we work as a team to provide you the best results. We keep in touch and discuss with you to make sure all the progress is done in the right direction.



Just contact our Service Desk by Phone, Email or Here to provide basic details for us to analyze and find solutions for you.



Just in case you are not satisfied with the outcome, we are open to all feedback and appreciate it. We’re humans works directly with clients to ensure their expectations are realistic and met or exceeded on all projects.

Core IT Services


Graphic Design

Human offers a full range of graphic design services from logo and branding creation to company stationery, brochure, leaflet, flyer design, outdoor billboard design, exhibition displays, website design, and all other aspects of company marketing collateral. Brand guidelines can be created complete with training on how to use them. Full advertising campaigns can be created with as much or as little input from the client as desired. We also offer a design to print service. Human will design solutions together with the client to bring the vision the client has to life, and provide the user with an awesome user experience (UX).


Digital Marketing

So you have this great website, but what do you do with it? Fill it with useful content providing your users with a great user experience and then drive the traffic to your site. How do you drive traffic to your site? Are you trying to generate leads, provide information, or sell a product or service? Each type of website requires a different marketing approach. Every size business has a different budget and bespoke marketing plans will be designed by the human team with SEO both technical and creative, copywriting, link management, strategic planning, and reporting.


Web Development

Human has a development team that is very diverse with members specializing in most programming languages widely used such as PHP, .NET, HTML, MySQL, CSS, Java, and JQuery. The team has worked on projects spanning website development, software development, and application development for both IOS and Android platforms. Clients can choose customizations to their websites such as booking forms, e-commerce capability, multiple payment gateways, and dynamic content. Design a new website or redesign and old website.


IT Support

Would you like a full time IT support person without having to employ one all the time? How about an IT support team at your disposal? Have a team of IT experts on hand to set up your home or office, or full blown IT solutions including computer, printer, copier, router, and server networking options. Simply pay a nominal fee per machine and have an expert IT support person looking after your office network all the time. They can use remote access for most things and will come to your site when needed. Equipment installation of all kinds is also available, CCTV, electronic devices, home automation, etc.


Service Desk

Human provides all clients with a central point of contact for any issue. From the first point of contact to reporting an issue with a website you have an ongoing maintenance contract for the service desk is the face of We’re Human. Submit a SUPPORT ticket to the service desk by simply emailing them at and if you are already a customer it will ID you by your email, and if you are a new customer it will let us know that as well. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a new or existing website, or any other IT issue that you would like help solving contact our service desk now.

Why Choose Us?

That’s a good question! What makes our IT Services outstanding??

Building proper relationships with all our customers to understand their unique needs and goals. Every business is different so every package we design is bespoke to suit our clients.


The staff at We’re Humans has a vast amount of experience with SEO experts getting their first taste of the market as far back as 2002, and the programming staff beginning to tinker with computers as far back as the 1990s.


Our IT consultants have at least bachelor degrees from leading Universities. We have years of experience in the field and never stop learning. Our creative people are hard-working but never forget to take the most positive and fun side of life.


Sincerely haven’t ALWAYS received good feedback from our customers. We see this as opportunities to identify issues and to improve our service.


We respond quickly and we work by priority. This is very important for every company when we have a lot of customers and work to handle.

Our Clients